FHH: HERO[series] Kathy Champion

On this Veterans Day we would like to express how thankful we are for each and every member of the United States Armed Forces. Risking their lives to protect this beautiful country truly is a heroic duty.

In 2013, we had the honor of meeting and working with the one-and-only Kathy Champion as part of the Fashion Has Heart HERO[series]. Champion is a retired U.S. Army Colonel and former paramedic/emergency medical technician practitioner & commander in Iraq. After surviving seven deadly IED explosions and sustaining multiple injuries, Kathy eventually lost her eyesight. Serving in the military for over 27 years, Kathy has faced-down far more than her fair share of obstacles and hardships. Having been through life and death situations a common civilian could not even fathom, Kathy still displays an unadulterated passion and positive outlook that is infectious.

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It’s a MAKEover!

As some of you may or may not have noticed, we have been going through a bit of an identity crisis the past 2+ years. When we first opened our proverbial ‘doors’ in 2011 we were young, ambitious and relatively naive. We scrapped, saved and pinched the few extra pennies we had to put into building a business and finally went for it after many years of talking about it.

When it came time to create our company logo we were overly excited and figured we would easily knock it out the park. We had already worked with high profile companies, had a couple of good years of experience under our belts and felt extremely confident. Then, we smashed head first into a wall. A wall we never saw coming: DESIGNING FOR YOURSELF. Oh, shit.

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Apple Talk


The amazing people at Apple asked us to give a presentation, we were more than happy and honored to do so. Below is the blurb covering what our ‘Tales of the Creative Life’ talk is all about.

“The artsy folks behind Make and Co. are a team of creatives who specialize in design, illustration, and art direction. They’re also people who like to make things—messes and friendships included. Together they’ve learned that the tiniest thing can turn out to be a jackpot, and the seemingly biggest thing can be a total bust. Join us as they share the stories behind some of their favorite creative successes and unforgettable failures.”

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Computer Arts ‘Typography Tips’


The fine folks over at Computer Arts Magazine asked us to give our ‘10 Essential Tips for Flawless Typography‘ and even commissioned 10 little illustrated icons! A super fun project for a quality publication. Take a look at the complete article here.


HOW – Top 10 Websites for Designers


A big shoutout (are people still doing those?) and thank you to the fine folks over at HOW for including us on as one of the Top 10 websites this month. We really don’t put enough energy into our self-promo efforts — and by that I mean have time to do any at all — but it is good to see some folks still keeping tabs on us. Cheers all around.