Make & Co. Artful Creative Graphic Design Company Chicago

We focus on making beautiful & insightful work for clients and projects we care about while remaining honest, hardworking and happy.
We enjoy making ideas come to life, making work that blows your mind and making friendships along the way.

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Make & Co. Artful Creative Graphic Design Company Chicago

We are artists at heart. We grew up drawing, painting, crafting, printing, winning Santa Clause drawing competitions and building towers out of toothpicks & marshmallows. Using our hands and making art is the reason we chose design in the first place. Making a place for the analog skills we know and love, within our design work, is what makes our creative authentic.


Make & Co. Artful Creative Graphic Design Company Chicago

Beautiful design can’t happen without a great idea behind it. With backgrounds in advertising and marketing, we are creative thinkers who ensure there is a smart, clear, interesting idea as the foundation for our work. Just as we get away from our desks to experiment with our design, we do the same to explore our thinking, to reach thoughtful and inspired creative. 


Make & Co. Artful Creative Graphic Design Company Chicago

We are not pretending to be anything we are not.  What you see is who we are.  We are not a 200 person agency and we have not been in the business for 20+ years. Sometimes we don’t make it to work by 9am,  sometimes we have to google the industry buzzwords and fancy names that have been dropped, and sometimes we are not the right fit for a project. But we will be honest about it. We are upfront with our clients, because we want to work with people who want to work with us.


Make & Co. Artful Creative Graphic Design Company Chicago

Working hard is something we take great pride in, blame it on our midwestern roots. Nothing feels better than earning what you have accomplished, ask Mr. Wynne. Putting in your best and being proud of the outcome. We have most confidence and excitement about our work when we have spent the time and energy necessary to explore, experiment, craft and kick a projects ass. Design is a labor of love for us and we are insistent on working hard to earn a place in it.


Make & Co. Artful Creative Graphic Design Company Chicago

If we aren’t enjoying what we are doing, it wouldn’t be worth it. Although every job has its tedious tasks and dreadful deadlines, our main goal in all of this is to have fun. Working in an inviting environment and collaborating with positive people sets ourselves up to be the most creative. MAKE is our happy place. We have planned and dreamed and worked at it for a long time, and here we are. And we love it.


We specialize in a variety of things. We like taking on projects we know we can do well, but are also always up for a new challenge.


Make & Co. Team - Artful Creative Design Company Chicago

We are a small but potent team consisting of two people and a dog. We have a curated circle of designers, copywriters, fellow business owners, web developers and talented friends that we work and collaborate with when the project gives us the opportunity. Staying small allows us to be selective with our work and flexible to our clients.


Make & Co. Clients - Artful Creative Design Company Chicago

Our clients are important to us and we have been really fortunate to work with some amazing ones. Below is a select list that we only hope to keep growing.


Adidas Originals
Baker Furniture
Leo Burnett
Mountain Dew
McGuire Furniture
Shake Shack

Rand McNally
Warner Bros. Records
Grand Valley State Univ.
Chicago Magazine
Miller Brewing Co.
Sims Snowboards
Roti Mediterranean

The Onion
European Cellars
Mode Project
Ogilvy & Mather
Mac & Mia
Left Coast Cafe


Make & Co. Chicago Stars - Artful Creative Design Company Chicago

Our space was handmade specially to fit and encourage our MAKE beliefs. Surrounding ourselves with art from our favorite friends, allowing space for getting dirty, and creating an inviting atmosphere sets us up to be inspired and productive.