Adidas Originals • Holiday

Illustration / packaging


A series of scene illustrations and spot graphics for Adidas Originals in-store holiday campaign, used across 16 major US cities nation-wide. The goal was to create a holiday look & feel that still embodied the athletic and heritage aspects of the Adidas Original brand. Working with a badass Art Director definitely stacked the deck.

AD: Colleen Malmberg


Using a graphic, bold and almost pop art-inspired illustration style along with a bright color palette, the goal were achieved. The illustrations and spot graphics adorned everything from 20 foot wall graphics, large display boxes, felt flocked gift cards, die-cut hang tags and even little snow globes! Each illustration was location-specific, so cold climate cites on the east coast featured snowball fights and snowy cabins, whereas sunny west coast cities utilized more beach inspired graphics.

Holiday_3 Holiday_Indoor Holiday_2 Holiday_Outside Holiday_4 Holiday_5 Holiday_6