Bader Rutter Chicago Mural

Illustration / Mural Design


When full-service marketing communications agency Bader Rutter expanded to Chicago they wanted to adorn their office with some windy city style. We were enlisted to develop and illustrate a 30-foot city map, but not your run-of-the-mill tourist map. No, no, no. They requested a unique, playful and borderline ‘weird’ (yes, this was actually in the project brief) interpretation of the city. A map from the view of a true Chicagoan, highlighting some of the famous city icons but focusing on local legends and neighborhood gems.


We utilized a laundry list of authentic Second City stuffs: iconic loop architecture, famous Jazz clubs, local delicacies (BEEF!), the smell of chocolate by Bloomers and even dirty dives like Richard’s Bar. After some imaginative city planning, a bunch of playful puns and many days of drawing (a seriously giant drawing), our re-imagining of Chicago was complete. As an added bonus, we actually learned about a plethora of historic tidbits like the Cattle Path, the infamous Walking Dude and distinct bungalow-style houses.

MAKE_BR_Chicago_Mural_01 MAKE_BR_Chicago_Mural_05 MAKE_BR_Chicago_Mural_03 MAKE_BR_Chicago_Mural_06 MAKE_BR_Chicago_Mural_08 MAKE_BR_Chicago_Mural_07 MAKE_BR_Chicago_Mural_10 MAKE_BR_Chicago_Mural_09 MAKE_BR_Chicago_Mural_11 MAKE_BR_Chicago_Mural_12 MAKE_BR_Chicago_Mural_13 MAKE_BR_Chicago_Mural_15 MAKE_BR_Chicago_Mural_16 MAKE_BR_Chicago_Mural_18