Baker • Craftsmanship Photoshoot

Art Direction


One of our favorite things about Baker Furniture is that each piece is individually crafted right here in America. Amazing. And what makes that fact even cooler is the talent and artisanship of the people behind it. Our objective was to capture this craftsmanship in a beautiful way, and to bring to life the story that these pieces are uniquely created and handmade.


Our art direction for this photoshoot was to capture tight, macro-shots of hands meticulously at work. With selective focus and dramatic lighting, we draw your attention to an intimate moment. The images are rich with the texture and character of  materials, furniture, and the hands of the people creating it. Being on set in the factory was an awesome way to get to know our client better, and with the collaboration of a great photographer, the end result is an impactful way to share that insight about the brand.

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