Baker • Garcia Launch

Creative Direction / Art Direction / Digital



With the launch of the new Jacques Garcia line from Baker Furniture we were tasked with concepting and art directing a promotional video showcasing the craftsmanship, quality and attention to detail engrained in the manufacturing process. We enlisted the hardworking video team of One Tree Forest films, got our working mans boots and headed to North Carolina!


To achieve a sophisticated aesthetic while working with raw, in-process and unfinished materials we chose to focus in on the small yet beautiful details that occur in of the manufacturing process. After a few days, we really got to see just how much hard-work goes into each and every step of the furniture making. And gained a ton of respect for the fine people that put in the man hours everyday. Below are a few of our favorite details that were captured.

Garcia_1 Garcia_2Garcia_4Garcia_6Garcia_3Garcia_5 Garcia_7