Dispensary 33

Design / Illustration / Mural Design


Dispensary 33 is the city of Chicago’s first medical cannabis dispensary. We were lucky enough to be asked to do a large mural that encompassed the entire transaction counter for their beautiful new Andersonville location. With the likes of Linsey Rosen and Jaime Magaliff from Perimeter Architects at the helm of the project, how could we say no. Ooowee.

Photo Credit: Mike Schwartz


With the interior of the space having a very sophisticated, modern aesthetic we referenced a vintage botanical specimen style of illustration to show the growth process of a cannabis plant. The right side shows from seed to sprout and the left a full, lush cannabis plant. We utilized the bright chartreuse pop color of the D33 brand and went crazy with some nice, black line-work.


MAKE_Dispensary33_Mural_1 MAKE_Dispensary33_Mural_3Crop2 MAKE_Dispensary33_Mural_4 MAKE_Dispensary33_Mural_5B MAKE_Dispensary33_Mural_3