European Cellars

Branding / Design / Art Direction


Eric Solomon founded European Cellars in 1989 and over the past two decades established himself as one of the premier importers of French and Spanish wines. In the early years a famous wine reviewer began terming Eric’s wines “an Eric Solomon selection,” subsequently relegating the name European Cellars somewhat to the sidelines. However this transition was never fully implemented and a bit of brand confusion crept in. After adding an additional portfolio, Jon-David Headrick Selections, to European Cellars there was a much need identity restructuring. We were tasked with clarifying the visual identity of EC, as well as differentiating the 2 ‘selections’ sub-brands.


One of the main reasons Eric chose to work with MAKE was because we integrate a tactical approach to the identity design process. He wanted to see how the logo was created and for it to have a certain tangibility. We tapped into a plethora of analog techniques, including pen & ink calligraphy, textured paper collage and experimented with lots of printing-making. Eventually the woodcut stamp concept was selected, as Eric’s official stamp-of-approval on every bottle. The stamp was paired with a sophisticated, yet subtle word-mark and utilized a strong typographic approach to complete visual identity system.


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