Illustration / Digital / Art Direction


The premise of the game is to cat-a-pult a guy into an aerial buffet of pizza, burgers and donuts, gaining as much weight as you can. Beans make you fart and go higher, but watch out for the Yuk— it will make you barf! Guide your fat guy by tilting side-to-side and use the red arrow to stick your landing launch the skinny guy. Projectile farting and vomiting sound effects included!

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You know when you’re in for a good time when you kick off a project and the client cannot stop laughing hysterically. That is exactly what happened throughout the process of creating the amazing addictive app Fat-a-pult. From character concept development, to developing the overall look & feel of the game, this project was tons and tons and tons of fun to work on. There is nothing like discussing the intricacies of a puke animation cycle, and how it should be more ‘explosive’, with a straight face.

Fatapult_2 Fatapult_3