Jean-Louis Deniot

Art Direction / Creative Direction / Design


Jean-Louis Deniot is recognized globally for his eclectic and emblematic interiors, he draws upon his academic training to translate his designs that are both informal and bold. For the debut of his collection for Baker Furniture we were fortunate enough to be part of the team — toting the emphatic Tristan Butterfield as the Global Creative Director — to make this launch come to life.

Photography by Tony Duran.


With a collection that effortlessly spans the gamut of classic contemporary to futuristic classic, the design support needed to be equally versatile and supply a grounded support system to showcase the beautiful collection. We utilized a sophisticated approach to the absolutely gorgeous photography, pairing with it elegant typography and an adaptable pattern series that utilized the antique golds, muted grays/silvers and ivory color palettes to exhibit the collection as a whole.

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