North Clybourn Group

Art Direction / Branding / Creative Direction / Design


North Clybourn Group, Chicago’s leading real estate authority, has been at the top of the industry for decades. After giving their Bucktown office a beautiful face-lift they soon realized the NCG brand itself was in much need of attention. Steve Somogyi did such a great job with the office re-design he was asked to facilitate the rebrand and he brought us on to make it happen. We were tasked with the challenge of defining the NCG brand strategy and overhauling the visual identity system.

NCG Office Interior: Wittefini


After tearing the NCG brand down to the studs and defining specific brand pillars, we rebuilt the strategy to reflect the years of all encompassing know-how and authentic confidence that NCG exudes. From there it was a matter of bringing everything back to life with a reconstructed visual identity that utilizes the spirt of years past yet with a modern, eclectic personality. When it comes to real estate in Chicago, North Clybourn Group is the place you’ve been looking for.

Item + Vignette Photography: Nick Murway


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