Branding / Design / Illustration / Mural Design


Roti Modern Mediterranean has one purpose and that is to serve Food That Loves You Back. So when they decided to update and modernize their brand, the came to the right people. Roti wanted to create an image that could embody that mission and visually represent their brand in a beautiful way. They asked us to create a brand illustration that would be used as a large-scale, in-store artwork installation at numerous locations across the country.

Leadership: Carl Segal & AD: Kristen Caston


24 Roti locations — throughout the Chicagoland, New York, Virginia, and Washington D.C. areas — were adorned with the brand illustration mural work, in a variety of wall surfaces and materials. The final brand illustration showcases a plethora of rich vegetables, olive oil, wholesome grains, lean proteins and many other delectable ingredients from their delightful cuisine. Equally beautiful and delicious. Lunch anyone?

Vinyl installations by Graphic Alliance.