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North Clybourn Group



North Clybourn Group, Chicago’s leading real estate authority, has been at the top of the industry for decades. After giving their Bucktown office a beautiful face-lift they soon realized the NCG brand itself was in much need of attention. Steve Somogyi did such a great job with the office re-design he was asked to facilitate the rebrand and he brought us on to make it happen. We were tasked with the challenge of defining the NCG brand strategy and overhauling the visual identity system.

NCG Office Interior: Wittefini


After tearing the NCG brand down to the studs and defining specific brand pillars, we rebuilt the strategy to reflect the years of all encompassing know-how and authentic confidence that NCG exudes. From there it was a matter of bringing everything back to life with a reconstructed visual identity that utilizes the spirt of years past yet with a modern, eclectic personality. When it comes to real estate in Chicago, North Clybourn Group is the place you’ve been looking for.

Item + Vignette Photography: Nick Murway


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Laura Kirar Launch



World-renown designer Laura Kirar launches a new collection with Baker Furniture. Kirar is an observer, explorer, and collector and curates these influences into her design. Through the mixing of materials, objects, patterns, eras and textures, her inspiration comes from being fascinated by the world around her. The unexpected blending of all kinds of beautiful discoveries. Our objective was to create buzz and anticipation prior to launch, increase awareness and interested in the collection through launch materials, and bring to life the meaning, inspiration, and story behind the collection in a way that represented both the designer and Baker Furniture.

Object Photography by Nick Murway


Our concept was to use the objects that Kirar has collected during her travels that inspired details and decisions she made in her designs, as a visual thread throughout her launch materials. She sent us trinkets, jewelry, dried flowers and a handful of special discoveries that meant something to her. We photographed each object in a rich, stylistic way, like each item was a tiny sculpture or piece of art. We wanted to bring prominence to them, create fascination and highlight the intimate beauty of the inspiration she gathered. We then use these images to bring character into her pre-launch materials, alluding to the unique feeling of the collection to come. During launch we pair the images with the product, reavealing how they are directly related to her designs and how each piece of furniture is imbued with meaning and soul.




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Baker • Craftsmanship Photoshoot


One of our favorite things about Baker Furniture is that each piece is individually crafted right here in America. Amazing. And what makes that fact even cooler is the talent and artisanship of the people behind it. Our objective was to capture this craftsmanship in a beautiful way, and to bring to life the story that these pieces are uniquely created and handmade.


Our art direction for this photoshoot was to capture tight, macro-shots of hands meticulously at work. With selective focus and dramatic lighting, we draw your attention to an intimate moment. The images are rich with the texture and character of  materials, furniture, and the hands of the people creating it. Being on set in the factory was an awesome way to get to know our client better, and with the collaboration of a great photographer, the end result is an impactful way to share that insight about the brand.

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European Cellars



Eric Solomon founded European Cellars in 1989 and over the past two decades established himself as one of the premier importers of French and Spanish wines. In the early years a famous wine reviewer began terming Eric’s wines “an Eric Solomon selection,” subsequently relegating the name European Cellars somewhat to the sidelines. However this transition was never fully implemented and a bit of brand confusion crept in. After adding an additional portfolio, Jon-David Headrick Selections, to European Cellars there was a much need identity restructuring. We were tasked with clarifying the visual identity of EC, as well as differentiating the 2 ‘selections’ sub-brands.


One of the main reasons Eric chose to work with MAKE was because we integrate a tactical approach to the identity design process. He wanted to see how the logo was created and for it to have a certain tangibility. We tapped into a plethora of analog techniques, including pen & ink calligraphy, textured paper collage and experimented with lots of printing-making. Eventually the woodcut stamp concept was selected, as Eric’s official stamp-of-approval on every bottle. The stamp was paired with a sophisticated, yet subtle word-mark and utilized a strong typographic approach to complete visual identity system.


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Baker • Garcia Launch



With the launch of the new Jacques Garcia line from Baker Furniture we were tasked with concepting and art directing a promotional video showcasing the craftsmanship, quality and attention to detail engrained in the manufacturing process. We enlisted the hardworking video team of One Tree Forest films, got our working mans boots and headed to North Carolina!


To achieve a sophisticated aesthetic while working with raw, in-process and unfinished materials we chose to focus in on the small yet beautiful details that occur in of the manufacturing process. After a few days, we really got to see just how much hard-work goes into each and every step of the furniture making. And gained a ton of respect for the fine people that put in the man hours everyday. Below are a few of our favorite details that were captured.

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