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Edward Wormley


Jean-Louis Deniot



Jean-Louis Deniot is recognized globally for his eclectic and emblematic interiors, he draws upon his academic training to translate his designs that are both informal and bold. For the debut of his collection for Baker Furniture we were fortunate enough to be part of the team — toting the emphatic Tristan Butterfield as the Global Creative Director — to make this launch come to life.

Photography by Tony Duran.


With a collection that effortlessly spans the gamut of classic contemporary to futuristic classic, the design support needed to be equally versatile and supply a grounded support system to showcase the beautiful collection. We utilized a sophisticated approach to the absolutely gorgeous photography, pairing with it elegant typography and an adaptable pattern series that utilized the antique golds, muted grays/silvers and ivory color palettes to exhibit the collection as a whole.

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Baker Furniture



Baker Furniture is a luxury furniture brand of Kohler. They focus on making exceptionally designed and impeccably crafted furniture to the highest of standards. They are an established brand rooted in their history that continue to be leaders in the modern industry.


Over the past 4 years we have worked closely with Baker on a number of their creative and marketing needs. From world renown designer launches, overarching brand catalogs and campaigns, photoshoots, promotions and everyday communications we have created a collection of thoughtful print and digital pieces that showcase their brand values and their product.

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North Clybourn Group



North Clybourn Group, Chicago’s leading real estate authority, has been at the top of the industry for decades. After giving their Bucktown office a beautiful face-lift they soon realized the NCG brand itself was in much need of attention. Steve Somogyi did such a great job with the office re-design he was asked to facilitate the rebrand and he brought us on to make it happen. We were tasked with the challenge of defining the NCG brand strategy and overhauling the visual identity system.

NCG Office Interior: Wittefini


After tearing the NCG brand down to the studs and defining specific brand pillars, we rebuilt the strategy to reflect the years of all encompassing know-how and authentic confidence that NCG exudes. From there it was a matter of bringing everything back to life with a reconstructed visual identity that utilizes the spirt of years past yet with a modern, eclectic personality. When it comes to real estate in Chicago, North Clybourn Group is the place you’ve been looking for.

Item + Vignette Photography: Nick Murway


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Laura Kirar Launch



World-renown designer Laura Kirar launches a new collection with Baker Furniture. Kirar is an observer, explorer, and collector and curates these influences into her design. Through the mixing of materials, objects, patterns, eras and textures, her inspiration comes from being fascinated by the world around her. The unexpected blending of all kinds of beautiful discoveries. Our objective was to create buzz and anticipation prior to launch, increase awareness and interested in the collection through launch materials, and bring to life the meaning, inspiration, and story behind the collection in a way that represented both the designer and Baker Furniture.

Object Photography by Nick Murway


Our concept was to use the objects that Kirar has collected during her travels that inspired details and decisions she made in her designs, as a visual thread throughout her launch materials. She sent us trinkets, jewelry, dried flowers and a handful of special discoveries that meant something to her. We photographed each object in a rich, stylistic way, like each item was a tiny sculpture or piece of art. We wanted to bring prominence to them, create fascination and highlight the intimate beauty of the inspiration she gathered. We then use these images to bring character into her pre-launch materials, alluding to the unique feeling of the collection to come. During launch we pair the images with the product, reavealing how they are directly related to her designs and how each piece of furniture is imbued with meaning and soul.




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