We are artists at heart who prioritize authentic creative and attention to detail.


Labors of love. Craft plus care.

We don’t just design branding systems, marketing campaigns and murals. We design relationships between our work and the world, ourselves and our clients, our studio and our community.
Graphic Design
We help our clients showcase their brand image and best communicate every message to their audience. We love print design and the range of possibilities we find through physical products, but we also prioritize how brands often live in digital spaces. Whatever your goal, we can help you get there.
We thrive when we can help our clients tell their brand's story through a verbal and visual language. This is our bread and butter. We work with brands, people, and products to establish their message and how to communicate it through logo, color, iconography, typography, photography, illustration, and tone of voice. When these work in harmony we created consistent and memorable identities that thrive within our curated systems. Our projects create clear, concise, and creative brand images within the competitive landscape.
Mural Design
We create murals on a range of surfaces found in both interior and exterior environments. From concept to installation, we collaborate with our clients through ideation and experimentation. Each mural relates to the physical space, whether it is a branded application or artwork as an extension of their existing visual language. We refine and prep our designs based on each environment and install  the artwork with our team. We use a variety of mural techniques included stencils, digital projection, paint, and markers.

Thoughtfully curated. Dedicated & curious.

Make & Co. was created to make space for the analog skills that helped shape us as human beings and professionals. Our nimbleness grants us the gift of being selective with our projects and flexible with our clients — room to explore beyond the computer, crafting ideas you won’t find anyplace else.
We understand the importance of continuous growth and the power of constructive critique. That's why we're extending an invitation for you to schedule a 30-minute portfolio review with our talented team. Whether you're a student eager to embark on your creative journey or an experienced designer looking to refine your craft, we're here to provide valuable insights and guidance. Use the links below to book Office Hours with us:

Abby Wynne
Owner, Creative Director

Jesse Hora
Owner, Creative Director

Emily (Schu) Schumer
Art Director


People-first collaborations.
Around our community and the world.

From global to local, our clients receive the best of us every time. Our hallmarks are consistency in service, one-on-one collaborations and the inimitable magic of an intimate team.

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Our tight-knit team values authentic creative through a collaborative process of making.